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smile makeovers made easy with Invisalign teen

Imagine being able to straighten your teeth without experiencing pain or having to cope with their unsightly appearance like traditional metal braces. This wish has come true thanks to Invisalign teen in Calgary!

Have you ever wondered, nevertheless, how these almost indiscernible aligners perform their miracles? In this post, we’ll examine the cutting-edge technology that allows you to have a stunning, straight smile without anyone noticing, as well as the science behind Invisalign.

Introduction to Invisalign Teen: A Revolutionary Approach to Orthodontic Treatment

Using transparent, plastic aligners, Invisalign technology softly moves teeth into the proper position. Invisalign uses a set of personalized aligners that are meant to fit tightly over your teeth. The minor variations between each aligner allow your teeth to progressively move into the ideal position over time.

Each patient receives a special set of aligners that are practically imperceptible while worn and were designed utilizing 3D imaging technology. Invisalign is designed to be a more effective and efficient alternative to traditional metal braces, and it has been shown to be beneficial in treating both adults and teenagers. The patient is required to wear the aligners for between 20 and 22 hours per day, taking them out only to eat, brush their teeth, and floss.

The Science Behind the Scenes: How Aligners Work to Transform Smiles

Understanding the fundamentals of tooth movement is necessary before understanding how Invisalign straightens teeth. A tooth’s surrounding bone resorbs on one side and forms new bone on the other when an external force is applied to it. This process eventually enables the tooth to move in the force’s direction.

However, using too much power on a tooth might actually harm the tissues and structures in the area. The use of mild, controlled forces by your orthodontist in Calgary that are powerful enough to shift teeth but not dangerously so during orthodontic treatment is crucial.

Customized Treatment Plans: Tailoring the Treatment for Individual Smiles

The fact that getting Invisalign Teen near you is so simple to use as an alternative to braces for teenagers is one of its main advantages. The transparent aligners work like a removably attached retainer. Since nothing needs to be fixed permanently, your teen puts the aligners in and takes them out as needed.

Teens don’t need to change their diet as long as they brush their teeth after every meal and consume any of their favorite meals. They only need to remove the aligners before eating and store them in a safe case. When it comes to brushing their teeth, the same holds true.

This is very different from having braces, where brushing and flossing routines can take up to twenty minutes at a time and necessitate the use of additional instruments.

Comfort and Convenience: Benefits of Invisalign Teen for Busy Teenagers

Any time teeth are moved, there will inevitably be some soreness. There will be some soreness after an adjustment or transitioning to a new aligner, whether your kid wears metal braces or aligners. During an adjustment, a small degree of soreness is entirely normal. When one thinks about how things typically feel, the comfort gap becomes more apparent.

Traditional braces have metal brackets and wires, which can irritate the cheeks and the inside of the mouth when they scrape against them. People frequently experience blisters or cuts in their mouths as a result. Naturally, while using Invisalign Teen, this is inconvenient and completely avoidable with the help of orthodontics in Calgary. The clear plastic aligners are smooth and won’t likely cut your teen’s mouth.

Real-Life Success Stories: Inspiring Transformations

An orthodontic tool called Invisalign straightens teeth using transparent aligners. Many users of this ground-breaking medicine have reported positive results, and their testimonies serve as motivation for those who are debating the course of treatment.

Surprisingly, not many people are aware of the potential that Invisalign has to improve one’s smile. The success stories surrounding Invisalign demonstrate how well these invisible braces may improve smiles and enhance oral health.

Potential users can learn what to anticipate from the process and exactly how much of an influence this orthodontic surgery can have on someone’s life by reading real-life accounts published by previous patients by orthodontics near you. Anecdotes from past clients show why so many people select this choice over conventional metal braces, from increased confidence levels to greater convenience when brushing or flossing.

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Until you take action, your teenager’s smile won’t alter at all. To find out why teenagers choose Invisalign Teen, contact Symmetry Orthodontics. Find out what our orthodontist can provide for you is to make you feel at ease, confident, and keep you up to date on all of your orthodontic options.

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