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are ceramic braces better than metallic braces

Are your teeth misaligned? Orthodontic procedures are available at a dentist near you for your convenience and to help you improve your personal confidence. It may be, however, that your orthodontic procedure is limited to metal braces. But why go for metal braces when technological advances created a less visible, comfortable, yet effective option like ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are one of 4 options that your orthodontist may suggest depending on the degree and number of adjustments that need to be made to your smile in order to boost your dental health. Alongside metal and ceramic braces, lingual braces, which are installed on the underside of your teeth, and clear aligner therapy a process that utilizes plastic trays to shift your teeth, are also viable options available for you to explore. Talk to your dental team to learn more about each.

Just like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces would be recommended by any dentist near you to treat crowded smiles, jawbone disorders which often translate into bite problems, and straighten your teeth. Compared to metal braces, ceramic braces are placed on the surface of your teeth with rubber bands. This option can improve your oral health, straighten your smile, and reduce the chances of decay or teeth injuries.

Why look for ceramic braces in Calgary?

  1. Subtle – no need to feel self-conscious when straightening your smile. Ceramic braces in Calgary are ideal for patients not keen on showing metal in their mouths.
  2. Faster – braces work for 18 – 36 to straighten your teeth; ceramic braces are perfect for extreme teeth misalignment. Other non-visible options are available with an orthodontist near you, like Invisalign.
  3. Band colour options – since ceramic braces use rubber bands, orthodontists allow their patients to select various colours that best suit them.
  4. Cost – braces, in general, may be costly due to regular orthodontist appointments. Orthodontists in Calgary offer payment plans for your convenience to achieve your aesthetic smile.
  5. Smaller – ceramic braces are smaller than traditional metal braces, making them less visible and more comfortable.

Orthodontists evaluate the overall health, age, and severity of teeth misalignment per patient to provide the best orthodontic treatment option, usually done on the first consultation.

If your general dentist confirms that you are a candidate for ceramic braces, they will suggest an orthodontist you can work with. Once at the orthodontist near you, they will thoroughly wash your teeth and gums, followed by drying them in order to prepare them to receive the glue and apply the braces that follow. Firstly, ceramic devices are glued to each tooth, holding an archwire that connects the ceramic devices to put in pressure for the treatment to begin after choosing rubber band colours for your braces to stand out if so wished.

Orthodontists will change your diet moving forward from placing your braces to having softer foods to prevent your braces from unsticking and slowing down the treatment.

Make sure to follow the instructions given by your orthodontist to prevent gum disease and maintain proper oral hygiene. Your routine dental checkups are needed to protect your teeth and continue the treatment.

Please book a consultation with our orthodontist in Calgary to change your crooked smile into a straight smile. Our staff is here to guide you on your unique oral health journey; we’ll address all your questions and concerns so you feel comfortable navigating this realm. Give us a call at Symmetry Orthodontics today! Or, if you’d prefer, head over to our website and fill out the form or drop by our location in person. We’ll be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment.